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submitted by: Tina Daniels

My husband and I have “played” a kissing game for years. Once we get on an empty elevator one of us will pounce on the other one for a very passionate kiss. We were in a famous furniture store not thinking so much of smooching but dining room furniture.

The sales person recommended we try the upstairs show floor…we got on the elevator, the doors shut and we were alone. After 21 years of marriage I knew what was next. My husband grabbed me and dipped me and begin to kiss me… not just a sweet kiss… but a passionate… making all sorts of wild sounds sort of kiss.  I suddenly realized that something wasn’t “right”.

I looked up from my “dipped” state and realized not only had the sales person followed us but many other shoppers. In our passion six others had gotten on the elevator!  We didn’t even realize someone had not only “caught” the door and had them reopened but had got on the elevator.

At that moment I asked to die. One person made eye contact — an older woman who said, “that is just precious”. I said “thanks we’re newlyweds”. My husband died laughing. He said, “not quiet’.

We both agreed that was the longest elevator ride of our lives. We didn’t buy furniture, but quietly took the stairs out of the store. We sat in the parking lot laughing for a long time. My husband said, “I like getting caught with you…let’s go down to the the mall and make out on their elevator”. Ha.