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When I met Dave for the first time, I did tell him that I do not kiss on the first date.  I do give hugs though.  Well after the first date we did hug and he kissed me on the hand and said that he had a wonderful time.  After a few more dates this would always end with a kiss on the hand and a hug letting me know that he had a wonderful time.

After 2 months of this one day he came over and said that he had a gift that he wanted to give me.  So he had me close my eyes and when he said to go ahead and open my eyes, in front of me was a beautiful glass “Hershey’s Kiss” charm.  He said that the first kiss should always be special and sweet.

Well we did have our first kiss afterwards and it was sweet and special.  And I did wear that charm on our wedding day to remind me that all of our kisses should be sweet and special.