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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Roger Cooke

My wife has always been playful, loving and full of energy. When we were dating she started playing the slug bug game. She would see a Volkswagen Bug and punch me softly in the arm. Since I was driving she was seeing most of the slug bugs. It became annoying to me softly getting punched in the arm. I told her that it was beginning to bother me, so maybe she could just kiss me. Within minutes she saw a bug and kissed her hand then touched my cheek softly. It was much nicer. Since then we got married and still both play the slug bug game with kisses.

Last January we took a cruise down to Mexico. At one of the stops we took a site seeing tour in a van driving through town. In Mexico the Volkswagen Bug is still sold and they are everywhere. It was like a kissing fest, and I was doing especially well since I didn’t have to pay attention to the road as I was not doing the driving. The others in the van asked what we were doing as we looked like newlyweds constantly kissing. We told them the rules and soon everyone in the van was kissing their partner and having a great time.

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