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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Jane


It has to be my favorite all time sport.  If it were an Olympic event, I am sure that I would have a few gold medals.

I like to start any kissing session with looking deep into my man’s eyes and try to tell him with my eyes how much I love him and how sexy I think he is.  Then start out with very gentle kisses and have the intensity increase to convey my deep desire for him.

One of my all time favorite tricks is this; Without telling him, I will use a little lubricating gel, the type that heats up a little with your breathe, and put it on my lips as if it were lip gloss (remember, you need very little to make this work) You start kissing and when the moment permits, you breathe gently, mouth open, so that your warm breathe heats of the gel.  The first time I did this my boyfriends eyes got HUGE, and he was so turned on by the “THE HEAT OF OUR PASSION” well…….need I say more.

Men, this could also work for you, you don’t need very much and it doesn’t really look like lip gloss so she will never now.