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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Anonymous

This is how I determined if my then ‘man-friend’ was interested in me or not. He and I had done the usual outings for coffee and workouts at the gym but had kept our feelings hidden for about a month or so.

Then I was in a predicament–my fresh Christmas tree that I had just purchased would not fit on top of my car so I asked him if he would mind meeting me at the tree lot with his truck (a manly thing to do for a damsel in distress!). He rushed over from another city and brought the tree home to my patio.

As we finished setting the tree into the stand, I told him his good deed deserved a kiss…as he bent down to kiss me, I pulled out a chocolate kiss from my pocket and presented THAT to him!!!! He was obviously disappointed but I HAD to let him know I was the playful type. Then, a few days later and after some teasing about how cruel I was, when the time was right, we found the mistletoe and it was soooooo romantic! Very much worth the wait.

There is something to say for adding an element of surprise and playfulness to a relationship…love your romantic tips!