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submitted by: Heather Myers

My boyfriend and I were just lounging around on his couch, it was pretty late, he looked at me and gave me this big smile and leaned down to give me a kiss.

Well…sometimes when I yawn I spray a little saliva ( I don’ t know how to describe it) but , I don’t know how it happens but I think it has to do with my tongue or something that causes this to happen! Anyway, right when he is ready about to kiss me his face is about 3 inches away from mine, I sneak in a quick yawn, and this time I guess I had one of those yawns… and it sprayed on his face… at first he was like “what was that??” and then he started to laugh.

After that I gave him a real kiss and wiped his face.  🙂  I don’t know if this is a rare case or is anyone else has those kind of yawns too, but if you find out
please let me know! hehe!

Editors note: Heather — that is called “gleeking” — and it is not too uncommon.