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submitted by: Robin Quinn

My husband and I (2nd marriage for both) tried for 3 years to have a baby.  We each have a daughter from the 1st marriage, but wanted a child of our own as well.  After 3 years with no luck, he bought me a 6-week old Chinese pug puppy.

To make a long story short, this dog, “Sugar,” has become such a part of the family, she is very protective of her “mommy” — me —  and every time my husband kisses me, or hugs me, she gets very upset with him, and attacks his pants leg!  She won’t let go until I assure her that no one is hurting “momma” and she can let go!

Well, sugar had puppies 1 1/2 years ago, and we kept a pup.  Now, whenever my husband kisses me, or we try to snuggle and talk, “Sugar” will attack hubby’s pants leg, and “Chiquita”, the pup, will attack “sugar”—- we never get to kiss alone!

The funniest thing of all — when we go to bed at night, no matter where in the house she may be, when she hears my husband tell me good night, she comes running down the hall, jumps on the bed, and gets in the middle — and sticks her head in between us so he can’t kiss me!

Can you say “spoiled”—!!!!