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Grey-Eyed Athene

submitted by: Will Winchester

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Weary and alone, adrift on the wine-dark sea
Far from my home, a decade has passed from me
Far gone in woe
Far gone in weariness
The gods up above
They’re flawed and they’re furious

Living on a prayer in a godless aquarium
I shed all my possessions, it was too hard to carry them
She comes to me now
She come in disguises
But I find her out
I find her in time

She’s my Grey-Eyed Athene…

She comes in the night and she whispers sweet strength to me
She leads me to dine at the tables of kings and queens
We drink our fill
Complement the queen
And we offer up libations
And cry as the minstrel sings

A song of the traveler so weary and disheveled
Who seeks for his true love but it always bedeviled
It’s written in the stars said the prophet Tyreseus
But I feel her hand and know
The fates will be with us

My Grey-Eyed Athene…

Tossed from my vessel by the waves of the earthquake king
Washed up on foreign shores and fell into a deep sleep
She watches over me
She watches me sleep
Ande she draws ’round a fog
TO cover me in clean white sheets

Dawn spreads her fingertips of rose across the pale sky
The traveler awakes, alone on this desert isle
Far gone in woe
And far gone is hope
Till she clears ‘way the mist
And she tells me I’m home

She’s my Grey-Eyed Athene…