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Tips & Ideas

Freedom Reigns

submitted by: Theresa Hasegawa

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Nature’s carpet beneath her feet.
A granite boulder her royal seat.
Pine needles soft between delicate toes.
Crisp pine air fills the nose.
Sunlight spills upon porcelain skin,
While she is unclothed in the forest glen.
Merced River water through the bladder spout,
Trickles and refreshes, all about.
Protection of boulders and thick pine trees,
Guarantees only one person sees.
He smiles at his forest nymph,
As she giggles nakedly in idle time spent.
Knowing that private moments there
Are only for them to share,
Within the majestic Moraine Dome,
Their temporary Yosemite home.
The birds sing, the Merced River rapids roar,
Providing a triumphant musical score.
Among the peaceful solitude of the wilderness
Freedom reigns for the wood nymph princess.

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