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Tips & Ideas

I Love

submitted by: Erin E M Hatton

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I love your smile and amber eyes
That brought me first to you
I love that you’re a gentleman
Dependable and true
I love the jokes and anecdotes
You can’t tell sitting down
I love the way you comfort me
And kiss away my frowns
I love your dreams and crazy schemes
Your courage to reach the stars
I love the way you love the Lord
And give him all your heart
I love the way you look at life
You make the whole world new
I love the father that you are
And our children love you too
I love the times we spend alone
The passion you have for me
I love the way you work so hard
And strive for purity
I love to discover who you are
My treasure from the Lord
I love what God is making you
And I can only love you more.


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