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Today, Tomorrow and Every Day After

submitted by: Joseph

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Today, tomorrow, and every day after;Yesterday, the day before, ever since I met her;

My thoughts have been consumed

My being, with her beauty, become entombed.

Words, expressions, gestures, they all begin to matter;

That smile, her touch, her kiss made my mind scatter;

Those memories of her scent and laugh,

Are all that mend my spirit when it splits in half.

The meaning of love became clear to me;

The essence of desire and ardor commenced to be;

All of life seemed to revolve around her,

And all the ugliness of this world became a blur.

Her beauty is far greater than that of theĀ  mountains;

Her allure overwhelms me like lying in a fountain;

Today, tomorrow, and every day after;

Yesterday, the day before, ever since I met her.