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Tips & Ideas

Today I Talked To God

submitted by: Deborah A Warford

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Today I went to church and as I knelt to pray.
I needed no rehearsal I knew exactly what to say.
I thanked God for Heaven and the stars that shine above.
I thanked him for you and giving me your love.
I thanked him for you showing what true love really means.
I thanked him for you appearing in my dreams.
I thanked him for taking away my troubles and what strife.
Thank you God for bringing this wonderful man into my life.
I’ll Love him Forever & Always, I promise for sure.
Thank you God he’s all I ever wanted, and more.
And as each minute becomes and hour and totals a brand new day.
My love keeps growing stronger more than words can say.
I’ve loved him for awhile now, right from the very start.
Thank you God for guiding him to my heart

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