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submitted by: Carrie Sue Babbitt

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God? Thank You for the blessing
Of those precious loving hours
Spent in the arms of Steven;
Those moments we call ours.
You are always present
In everything we do.
Our love affair is holy.
There is no shame in You.
The loving arms that hold me,
The passion in the kiss,
The sweet release together,
The bonding and the bliss
Are gifts that You have given
To those who will obey;
To those who seek You first in life
And in Your Will to stay.
When I gaze deep in Steven’s eyes
As the passion peaks
And I’m submitted to this man
I can hear You speak,
“You vowed to honor, cherish, love
This man I’ve given you.
You’ve kept yourself for only him
To have this joy so new.
“The sweetness of surrender
You to Steven, him to Me
Will bring you many blessings;
In marriage it takes three.”

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