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Tips & Ideas

Late At Night

submitted by: Cara Kierzkowski

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Late at night, secretly
Into the woods I go,
To run to the one, who holds me tight
Where the spring does flow.
Perched beside the sparkling spring
He kneels to wait for me,
To spend the night in his arms;
No place I’d rather be.
He stays all night holding me
Telling tales of old,
Whispering warm breath on my cheek,
Saving me from the cold.
From the moment the stars grace the sky
Together we will stay,
Until the sun licks the trees
And steals the night away.
There is no lust, no sex, no pain
No ill-behaved desire.
The trust of everlasting love
Is all that we require.
Precious moments side by side
Are all that we live for;
To taste only the sweetest love
And wish for nothing more.
We are not tempted to do more.
We live without a care.
The purest love is all we know;
It’s all we’ll ever share.

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