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submitted by: James R Lewis 

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Ten thousand stars shine in the night
Proclaim your love through twinkling light
They whisper softly through the air
About my longings to be there

The crescent moon is waxing full,
My heart to yours ‘twill surely pull.
The nightbirds’ voices on the eve,
Reminds my soul with whom I cleave.

Arm in arm, with you I yearn
The distance parts us, my soul doth burn.
The mem’ries of our evenings past
Must feed my heart till parting’s past.

The evening creatures’ loving songs
Intensifies what my heart longs;
Spring’s mating calls float on the breeze,
From ponds and reeds, meadows and trees.

Their calls call deep into my soul,
Draws me to she who makes me whole.
In my arms again you’ll one day be,
That blessed day again with thee.