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submitted by: Charlotte Maum

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I remember a younger time

When life was full of promise.

Full of laughter, love and hope;

The years not yet upon us.


I gave you all I had to give;

My heart, my soul, my life.

You returned with all you had

And I became your wife.


We struggled through and made a life;

Children, hearth and home.

Never once did we give up

Or set our hearts to roam.


As the years were passing by

Our love did see us through.

And now that life for me is done

I wish one thing for you.


Look back at all that we held dear

And keep your head held high.

Shed no tears and know, My Love

That this is not Good-bye.


The love we shared will see you through,

Hold on with all your might,

To all the faith and love we shared

For this is just Good-Night.