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The Flood’s Promise

submitted by: Jennifer Frisk

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The night was dark, cold, foreboding
The ark I had hoped never to need
Sat ready and self-sufficient, awaiting the drops
The sky opened with gusting winds and torrential rain
The new ocean tossed and tumbled my simple craft
All alone amidst waves and thunder
I sit in my misery and wonder if the light will come
Forty days and forty nights passed over my dark soul

As the last drop falls and eerie silence descends,
I feel a new hope spring forth
But the time is not yet right
For my peace-loving friend wanders aimlessly

Despairing for my sanity
I once again send the dove
To search for a place to rest my weary heart
Will I ever find its destination?

To my delight he does not return
I emerge from my seclusion
To find the sky is clear and beautiful
A bow stands as a promise

There is no more rain, no more darkness
I am no longer alone
Life blossoms in the new spring
My heart has come home to you.