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The Glow

submitted by: Roland Takaoka

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It grows somewhere inside of me

And warms my heart, your love, you see….

And fills me with this fateful glow

That longs for you, a burning, slow


And as it grows it quickens that

Which courses through my veins, and at

The moment when it fills my soul

It makes me love you, makes me whole.


So take me, that which makes me love,

And all of me is not enough,

But take my spirit and my name,

Take all of me from whence I came….


Leave nothing left to ponder

That which doesn’t feel and doesn’t wonder,

I beheld the real you

And that leaves nothing left to do


But place me there in your own heart

And keep me, so we never part,

So I can live within the glow

Of you, and love the girl I know.