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Tips & Ideas

Dream Brought to Life

submitted by: Katherine DeJesus

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Gentle faceless stranger

I have met you in my dreams

Just a re-appearing vision

I’m uncertain what it means


I have danced with you in twilight

Till’ the daylight set you free

Hoping when I fall asleep again

You would return to me


I’ve waited for you many nights

When my eyes closed, you held me tight

Then finally my dream

Revealed your face


Your eyes green like a glowing moon

Your hair that feels like silk and soon

I wished for something real

To take dream’s place


Then every day I opened eyes

And hoped to see my “dreamy guy”

Alas…I did awake BEFORE you fled


Asleep in my arms next to me

I thank the dream that came to be,

And now is a REALITY instead.