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submitted by: Debbie Bickhart

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I long for the scent of your skin
warmed by the friction of mine.
A musk, unparalleled, that
cloaks my heart with love.

I long for the taste of your kiss.
Not a sip to leave me wanting
but full and deep and quenching
as water for my thirst.

I long for the feel of your touch
upon my shoulder, neck, or ear.
Light as a fairy’s wing
brushing upon the air.

I long for the sound of your voice;
the gentle utterance of my name,
the whispering in my ear
of loving words meant just for me.

I long for the sight of your eyes
alight with love and passion,
warmly melting into mine,
promising me forever.

I long to shut out the world;
to be all that exists
in your mind, your heart, your soul.
I long for YOU!