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Thinking Back, Friday Night

submitted by: George Sommerhalder

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The fire on the hearth, the only light
Rain on the windows, thunder in the night
Music on the stereo soft and low
The look in your eyes, that soft glow

Your smile that makes me tongue-tied
Turns my bones to jelly, melts me inside
Reaching for my neck, a long lingering kiss
A night like this, this one I will miss

We could not dance, the floor too rough
So we just held one another and swayed
Neither wanting or willing to say enough
Two lovers embracing while hands played

Holding, stroking, a kiss, nibbles now and then
It’s been much too long; you know how it’s been
Time with you I wish would never stop
Any time with you, it can’t be topped

Now to climb the stairs
To the playground in the loft
Laying you down, touching you
Oh, so soft

More kisses, more caresses
No need to coax, no more guesses
Temperatures rise, breath gets quick
Hearts beat faster, we just click

A joining of two, now one
One for all time
That is what we have