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Tips & Ideas

I Thought About You Tonight

submitted by: George Sommerhalder

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I thought of you tonight and… Remembered
Closing my eyes, my vision never dimming.
You standing there…
I could see you. Your eyes, so dark,
Your skin so soft,
Your hair…the finest silk
You are the very picture of beauty.
You looked at me…
My faults, could not be hidden.
Yet, your eyes began to shine
With the light of the stars.
You smiled. At me!
For me!
You loved me, your outstretched arms
Allowed me to love you.
Your touch, light as a feather,
Hovering, unsure.
But made passion bloom,
Like flowers after a rain,
Exploding into life.
Your passion that changed my life forever.
If there never were another night like that
I should surely die a happy, happy man.
I thought of You tonight and…

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