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As I Sit Here In My Room

submitted by: Anonymous

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As I sit here in my room

A thousand miles away

There is something I should tell you

Some words I’ve got to say


I love you more than anything

I’ve told you this before

You are a special part of me

An essence at my core


Your smile and touch excite me

Like nothing ever has

Your warmth and humor lift me

Like a masterpiece of jazz


We’re partners and we’re soulmates

This I know is true

We’ve been there for each other

When we’re sad and when we’re blue


You’re such a terrific person

The one that’s right for me

My feelings for you are priceless

And I got them all for free


I’m so grateful to have had you

Share your life with me

Your love has made me better

Than I ever thought I’d be


Your smile, your touch, and your support…

I can never get enough

Those things give me strength some days

When life becomes too tough


I’ll never succeed in telling you

In notes or poems or songs

But my heart is yours forever

And that’s right where it belongs