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Going Home

submitted by: Anonymous


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Dusty, old and yellowing letters,
With tears along the creases
And my tears adding delicate swollen bumps to the pages,
One for every bump I’ve met along the way
These letters proved you once loved me,
Even if it was a time long ago
And never have I been one for forgetting,
Everything I used to know
How your hair smelled sweet of summer,
And looked of everything free
How our feet glided side by side together,
Along the shore of the early morning sea
So I’m returning home to you now,
To where I know you’ll be
Clutching tightly to my letters,
To hope that you’ll still have place for me
Now the wind is blowing my mind,
As the sunlight’s playing peek-a-boo through the leaves
It’s almost the same as the day I left,
Except then it was you crying, and now it’s me

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