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The Little Things

submitted by: Genny Moore

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Those calls from work, just to hear my voice,
The little notes left in my car for you I do rejoice.

Soft kisses on my cheek or running your fingers through my hair,
When you think I am asleep, you silently say a prayer.

The “hey baby’s, how was your day?” Soft hugs from behind,
A hickey on my neck, your claim to my heart, soul and mind.

Oh how you brighten up my day, it’s the little things I treasure
Holding hands in public, making love brings me pleasure.

The little songs about food, making up after a fight
Taking me in your arms, touching my face and TUESDAY NIGHT

The foot massages, caressing my toes,
Dinner cooking in the crock pot, smelling good when we walk in the door.

The “I Love You’s” for no reason, telling me that you care,
Those sly come hither looks while you’re sitting in your chair.

Oh it’s the little things I treasure, how they brighten my day,
Laughing at “country folk,” the scrabble games we play.

The big things mean a lot, but one thing is for sure,
The little things keep us together, and  I’ll love you forever more.