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Tips & Ideas

Awakened Dream

submitted by: Becky Kristensen

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She sat alone, waiting,

a small blue flower on a mountainside
of life,
a blade of grass in the prairie;
a lonely melody
without an orchestra,
a lost star without a constellation.
The winds of time ruffled her petals
sang her a lullaby—
she fell asleep.
She dreamed…
A breath of a caress
smoothed her hair
touched her cheek
whispered her name.
She stirred, not wanting to lose
her dream,
murmuring “no”
the someone
took her hand;
the warmth spreading to her heart.
Gently, softly whispering
“my love, wake to me”
Opening her eyes
she saw two chips of blue,
pieces of the sky
below the silky scented darkness
of his hair.
(his arm was around her shoulders)
he touched her face
and whispered
“Do you know what?”
Breathless, she could not
“I love you,” he whispered
as her heart turned over
and she clung to his
“I love you,” she said
and felt the last
of her lonely
tears trickle
her cheek
and heard the beat of his heart—
“Becky, Becky, Becky”