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Love Found

submitted by: Becky Kristensen

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Music in the night,
A thin solo searching,
Spiraling into the
Of space.
Stars’ cold fingers
Tears sob in the music,
A break.

Far away on a distant star
A strand of sound,
A light tentatively wavering,
Pulsing with emotion,
Probing the reaches of the black night.
A bridge of light forms,
Stretching across the void,
Pushing back the darkness,
Piercing through the emptiness.

Joy! and the songs join together,
Closing the gap,
Bridging the chasm,
Meeting each other
In a duet that wakes
The morning stars to sing
With glory and joy and light.
The lonely darkness is dispelled,
And the bond is formed in bleak night
That will live in light and love.