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submitted by: Matt C

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Slumbering, she lies dormant.

Sleeping, her cinders warm your hands.

Dreaming, her hair flows down the hillsides, kindling memories.

Fearful, excited, the ancient attraction commands you draw closer.

A touch of breath, the embers glow, sparkle, flash.

Cupping her coals in your hands, your touch brings her to life.

She flares up, renewed, her kiss seeking, hungry,

immediately out of control and impossible to extinguish.

When you feel her, your fingertips blister, thankfully.

Her heat grows intense, you welcome the pain.

She scorches your body and bathes in the glare.

This sheet of flame, roaring in your ears, engulfs

you, consumes you, ignites your skin, leaving you charred, aching.

She dances on, a welcome inferno into which others

become fuel, willingly stoking the blaze.

The wind blows your ashes away, you cry, lost in