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All Our Days

submitted by: Anonymous

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Absent from one another’s presence, I can confirm I saw your face
4 when we look within that mirror, all of it, everything fits into place


As time is our friend, we can stand the duration of each twilight
Learning about U through myself, didn’t U notice we’re the same body fluid, weight and height


Every sunrise without U near, is felt like one under the knife
U know as the saying goes, Where have U been “All my Life?”


4 what good is a dream, if it doesn’t come true
Yes, how beautiful could I be without any of U?


A future once hazy, has now become clear
And at once I felt, I had 2 live this life in fear


But U have given me a chance 2 play and 2 be free
No question in our minds, that this is assured Destiny


Living as children, we knew not each others name
However along this voyage, 2 me a sister is what U became


Feeding each other Love, as though it was Air
The fusion of 2 in2 One, of this life is rare


So they cherish it with a hope eternal, until The End of Time
And so bonding and crying tears of joy, is their only crime


Looking back un2 that mirror, Now U C what it portrays
That when U visualize beyond the surface, I have been alongside U
All our Days