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Unforgotten One

submitted by: Anonymous

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As green grass withers and Time quickly fades away
Does that mean we can’t have this moment, once in a day?


Fondling these thoughts of our minds, what it means 2 hold each other close
So I respect your temporary leave, because your return is what my heart knows


Footprints trace the circumference of my existence and total being
I’m one that need not constant attention 4 your friendship is eternal guaranteeing


Fail not 2 go away leaving me here alone, there is no comparison
2 the feelings I possess around U, U truly R an Unforgotten One


We embrace whenever were near, and show love 2 many countless others
Forming strong bonds along with unions, excepting them as sisters and brothers


Our lives we lead R ones that continue giving, memories to hold dear
So now that U R not here with me, I have no need 4 sorrow shedding no tear


Packing my bags I vacation 2morrow, heading towards Galveston
4 U R constantly within me, Living, Breathing, as an Unforgotten One