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Ode To a Darling Wife

submitted by: Jim Lewis

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Ode to darling wife o’ mine
Our loving team that’s blest divine,
The best of partners I do opine,
Our time together sweet.

My life with blessing is replete,
Our vows, though old, would I repeat,
Gifts enough to fill a fleet,
Could not her grace repay.

Our love has grown from yesterday,
She’s filled my dreams in every way,
Side by side, in love we’ll stay,
For now and ever more.

Our love, just like great loves of yore,
Holds countless treasures kept in store
Treasures and pleasures unmeasured, for,
We’ve stood through trial and fire.

When one loves another, even in ire,
‘Tis a treasure together beyond desire,
A marriage from which I’ll ne’er retire,
Our heart, mind, soul combine.