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submitted by: Sharon Catley

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I do not know
Which I like best
Your lips upon my neck?
Your hand upon my breast?
My arms around your waist
And yours encircling mine?
I only know
That being with you is divine.
Naked skin on naked skin
When we are close together
I want it to go on and on
Forever and forever.
The sweet taste of your tongue
As it entices mine
Intoxicates me more
Than the strongest, honeyed wine..

You are always on my mind
Through the day and too the night
I feel your spirit touching me
I shiver with delight..
If you could see
How my heart sings
When you make
My telephone ring

I am enraptured, fey, transcendent, and sublime
To know some moments of your day are mine..

When your heart is tired of me
If I can only keep one memory
It would be the day we met
The day you made my heart forget
All other loves that came before
And made me feel alive once more.

I Love you….