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Tips & Ideas

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

submitted by: Diana Ross

If you need me, call me.
No matter where you are,
No matter how far.
Just call my name.
I’ll be there in a hurry.
On that you can depend
and never worry.
You see, my love is alive
It’s like a seed that only needs
The thought of you to grow.
So if you feel the need for company,
Please, my darling, let it be me.
I may not be able to express
The depth of the love I feel for you,
But a writer put it very nicely
When he was away from the one he loved.
He sat down and wrote these words:

No wind, no rain,
Nor winter’s cold
Can stop me, babe
If you’re my goal

No wind, no rain,
Can stop me, babe
If you wanna go

I know, I know you must follow the sun
Wherever it leads
But remember
If you should fall short of your desires
Remember life holds for you one guarantee
You’ll always have me

And if you should miss my love
One of these old days
If you should ever miss the arms
That used to hold you so close, or the lips
That used to touch you so tenderly
Just remember what I told you
The day I set you free

Ain’t no mountain high enough
Ain’t no valley low enough (Say it again)
Ain’t no river wild enough

To keep me from you