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Tips & Ideas

How Do I Get There

submitted by: Deana Carter

We’ve always been the best of friends
No secrets and no demands
But suddenly from out of the blue
I see a different light around you
One thing I haven’t told you,
I just want to hold you
And never let go,
I just want to know

How do I get there from here
How do I make you see
How do I tell you what
My heart’s been tellin’ me
Lost in your lovin’ arms
That’s where I want to be
You know I love you
How do I get there

You probably think I’ve lost my mind
Takin’ this chance crossin’ that line
But I promise to be truer than true
Dreaming every night
With these arms around you
I can’t wait any longer
This feeling’s gettin’ stronger
Help me find a way

I know the shortest distance
Between two points is a straight line
But I’ll climb any mountain
That you want me to climb
The perfect combination is your heart and mine
Darlin’ won’t you give me a sign