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I Miss You

submitted by: Klymaxx

I thought I heard your voice yesterday
When I turned around to say
That I loved you than I realized
And it was just my mind
Playing tricks on me
It seems colder lately at night
And I try to sleep with the lights on
Everytime when the phone rings
I pray to God it’s you
I just can`t believe
That we`re thought

I miss you
There`s no other way to say it
And I, and I can deny it
I miss you
It`s so easy to see

I miss you and me
Is it done and over this time?
Have we really changed our minds
But it’s other’s love
All the feelings that we used to share
I refused to believe
That you don’t care

I’ve got together my senses to get there
I’ve been through worse kinds of weather
If it’s over now, be strong
Can’t believe that you’re gone
I got carry over

That you`re part of me now…