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Just To Hear You Say You Love Me

submitted by: Faith Hill

If I could win your heart
If you’d let me in your heart
I’d be so happy, baby
Just for these arms to be
Holding you close to me
There’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t try
No limit to what I’d do to make you mine, ’cause

I’d climb right up to the sky
I’d take down the stars
Just to be in your arms, baby
I’d go and capture the moon
That’s what I would do
Just to hear you say that you love me
Just to hear you say that you love me

If I could taste your kiss
There’d be no sweeter gift
Heaven could offer, baby (oh, baby)
I want to be the one (I want to be the one)
Living to give you love
I’d walk across this world just to be
Close to you ’cause I want you close to me, yeah

For the rest of my life (for the rest of my life)
Love me for the rest of all time (oh baby, baby)
Just say the word
And I’ll give you my world
There’s nothing I won’t do
Baby, just to be with you