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Kiss of Life

submitted by: Bee Gees

Never more aware of what you do
I got you leavin’ me and missing you
And me believing that you’ve never done right
When you’ve never done wrong

You been comin’ to me late at night
It’s not the eye alone that gives you sight
I’ve never given anybody my soul
But I’m coming undone

I’m a survivor but I’m reaching my low
But I’m not ready to die

I’m here for the kiss of life
I’m here for the kiss of life
Just give me the kiss of life

Watch them hold you
Count their faces
A never-ending line
But they’re only imitations
Existing out of time

So now you’re telling me it’s just a ring
You say it’s nothing but it’s everything
I’m under pressure and I’m under
Your gun and I’m fingers and thumbs

You got the questions and the answers
I know
I’m being buried alive

I can’t stay here
Lost without you
Strangers in the dark
Holy angel
Living for you
To love and never cry