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Love Will Find a Way

submitted by: Lionel Richie

Are you feeling down, and lonely
Feeling like you can’t go on
Just remember love will find a way

Tell me are you going through changes
Time seems like it’s passing by
Just believe that love will find a way

I see the tears you cry
I see the pain that’s in your eyes
So many times you were so lonely
And no one seemed to care
But if your hopes for your tomorrows
Are drowning in your sorrows
Know your heart will show you the way

Are you trying to find a beginning
Or something just to hold on to
Always know that love will find a way

Is it hard this life you’re living
Does the world seem so unkind
Don’t you worry love will find a way

Some say we’ve lost our way
Some say the world has gone astray
But if you know where you’re going
There’s nothing you can do
‘Cause problems will come
And they will leave you
The world will try to deceive you
But the truth will always be in your soul