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Tips & Ideas

Missing You

submitted by: Chris de Burgh

I’ve been missing you…

I’ve got the roses, I’ve got the wine,
With a little luck she will be here on time,
This is the place we used to go,
With romantic music and the lights down low,
And as you stand there amazed at the door,
And you’re wondering what all this is for,
It’s just a simple thing, from me to you,
The lady that I adore, ‘cos there’s something
That you should know, it’s that

I’ve been missing you, more than words can say,
And that I’ve been thinking about it every day,
And the time we had just dancing nice and slow,
And I said now I’ve found you,
I’m never letting go;

There is no reason to the things that we do,
You can break a heart with just a word or two,
And take a lifetime to apologize,
When the one you love’s in front of your eyes,
And I will fall to my knees like a fool,
If it’s the only way of getting through,
You see if I think you are beautiful,
Someone else is going to feel it too,
So there’s only one thing to do, tell you that