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Tips & Ideas

Now That the Magic Is Gone

submitted by: Joe Cocker

In my life
I’ve seen sorrow
Heartache and pain
I’ve been burned by the sunshine
And drowned in pouring rain
Had too many lovers
And enough love
I’ve been trialed and convicted
For things I’m not guilty of
I was locked in a prison
Till you came and set me free
So how can you say
You’re no good for me

Now that the magic has gone
You just wanna walk away
Nothing left to say, anyway
Now that the magic has gone
There’s no sense in holding on
Baby now, now that the magic is gone

You know love can be tender
Love can be cruel
It can smile like an angel
While it treats you just like a fool
It captures and haunts you
Until you give in
And it starts the dice against you
In a game you never can win
Just when I was thinking
Maybe luck was here with me
You’re telling me it’s over
Say it’s time for breaking free

I won’t try to hold you down
My mind tells me let go
But my heart keeps asking how
There’s no prize for the loser
Only the winner takes the purse
Some say that love is a blessing
But to me it’s just a curse