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Tips & Ideas

You Know It’s Going to Hurt

submitted by: Joe Cocker

Speak softly
Sometimes words can land so hard
Come near me
We don’t even have to talk
The practice of breaking hearts
Can become
Something all around
And then the look on your face
What you’re saying
Ain’t light to trace

You know it’s gonna hurt
Get in line with the broken hearted
Oh oh
Yet you know it’s going to hurt
That’s the way the whole thing started
Oh oh oh oh oh
You know it’s gonna hurt

And so we’ll see
It’s the pressures of our words
And we’ll long through
We’ll long through
All our
Faith and consolation
If added up the pleasures and pain
Can equal shares
Of things unsaid
Some things we’ll have to be right about
While we’re so cruel to ourselves

But tell this thing you lose
You love him baby
We just need a little time
Even if it takes forever
To mend this heart
Mend this heart of yours
And this heart of mine