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For Creative Romance, Try Kool-Aid and Crayons

Advice From “The World’s Most Romantic Man” — Try Kool-Aid & Crayons

Contact: Michael Webb


Raleigh, NC – Forget the flowers, chocolate and jewelry, says Michael Webb, who is often called The World’s Most Romantic Man. Instead, let your actions and gifts bear sentiment, emotion and thought.

Webb, who got into the romance advice business at the urging of friends, wives and sweethearts who suggested he could help their men, has some off-beat ideas about being a romantic–even using Kool-Aid and mustard to do so. He shares his own style of romance along with stories and suggestions sent in from readers on his website,

“Anyone can pick up the phone or have their secretary call and order flowers or candy. It takes more sentiment to pick wild flowers or make a dessert yourself,” says Webb. “Women don’t really want what’s in your wallet. They want what’s in your heart.”

Webb carves messages in his wife’s lunch box fruit so it will “magically” appear at noon time. Another way he suggests to express your love is with mustard on the sandwich bread. “How about using ice cold Kool-Aid to pen a love letter on a snowy lawn or roof,” says Webb. Each newsletter contains dozens of ideas on creative dating and gift giving for the married and single alike. However, Webb doesn’t ignore the more practical aspects of romance. He reminds all of us that the little things are important. “A long, warm hug after a hard day at work or home; A call in the middle of the day just to say hello; A sincere compliment; A card sent “just because.”

Webb realizes that men aren’t going to become Romeos overnight. Instead he advises starting out by trying to plan something romantic once a month and slowly increase it until you are doing something romantic nearly every day.

“I try to celebrate our wedding anniversary each month. Sometimes it is with a small hand-made gift or card. Other times it is a special concert or picnic. For our 75th monthly anniversary I created a coloring book by drawing pictures of 30 memorable events from our first six and a half years together” says Webb.

“But the most important gift is how I treat my wife every day, letting her know just how much I love her and how special she is to me.”

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