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On a Romantic Mission

Michael Webb Spreads the Gospel of Romance Worldwide

P R E S S    R E L E A S E

Contact: Michael Webb 919-859-9123

RALEIGH, NC – Michael Webb is on a mission to convert the soul. He’s turning Rambos into Romeos.

For the last 10 years Webb has been preaching the benefits and ‘how-to’s’ of romance through newsletters, books, syndicated columns, national media appearances and in his popular website,

Webb’s ‘calling’ came many years earlier when he was a teenager. “I never saw romance in my home. My mother and six sisters all had empty relationships. The men in our family simply didn’t know how to love a woman. Fortunately, when I was sixteen my mother enlightened me. She told me that a womanneeded — not just wanted — two things from the man in her life: to be told frequently that he loves her and to be shown often that she is special” states Webb.

With that advice in hand, Michael Webb had the knowledge to make a very joyous bride when he married Athena “137 months ago” (like a true romantic, Webb celebrates his anniversary every month). Friends and coworkers noticed their fight-free relationship and how Michael would often do unique things for Athena. He’d fax a photocopy of his hand to Athena’s office, even though he worked just a few floors above. Along with the fax came a note: “just wanted to hold your hand.” Her snack time fruit often had loving messages carved in it. He surprised her one day with a personalized coloring book he created by doodling pictures of memorable events and having them bound together at a copy store.

Women urged Webb to give some lectures or write a manual on romance. They told him that none of the books available have creative ideas like his. “We don’t just want flowers, chocolates and jewelry all the time. We’d rather have what’s in a guy’s heart, not his wallet” the women told him.

Webb caved into their requests and for over several years has been teaching men (and many women too) how to be a true romantic. He has accumulated over 10,000 romantic ideas on his popular website, “Romance doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money” insists Webb. “You just have to tell them you love them and show them just how special they are.”