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14 Creative Uses for Rose Petals

Forget the expensive bouquet – rose petals can be far more romantic

P R E S S    R E L E A S E

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RALEIGH, NC – Have the ubiquitous dozen roses become a tired cliche in your relationship? Try out any of these creative and romantic ways of using rose petals from Michael Webb, founder of – a website with over 10,000 creative romantic tips and ideas.

You can purchase bags of rose petals from most florists and most craft stores sell silk petals.

* On top of ceiling fans
* Used as packing material for a gift
* Put in pockets, purses, briefcases as a clue of something special coming up
* Bring some to restaurant and put on table
* Sprinkled in a packed lunch
* Sew or hot glue onto lingerie
* Write out a message with petals
* Inside an envelope with a card or letter

* Floating in a bowl of water – with or without floating candles
* Placed in a book your sweetheart is reading
* Put inside balloons – if you put inside clear balloons, slightly wet the inside of the balloon and the petals will stick to the sides for a dramatic effect — or keep dry if you want someone to pop the balloon
* Surrounding your mate with petal while he or she is sleeping
* In a crock pot with a little water for a beautiful smell
* Tossed into a roaring fire – enjoy the scent

You can find an additional 25 uses for rose petals at – just search on *rose petals* on the home page.