January 16, 2002

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January 16, 2002

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I T ‘ S    T H E    L I T T L E    T H I N G S

Pretending you are having a blackout.  Light the fire
in the fireplace, get out the candles and …  gasp…  talk!

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There are no contests in January while I am out of the
country.  Be ready for some great ones in February.

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T I P   O F   T H E   W E E K

Light Her Fire
by Michael Webb

My Athena is a little pyromaniac.  She just loves fires of all kinds.
Candles, bonfires, fireworks – you name it. Fortunately she has only
caught a little bit of her hair on fire.

Is your other half a fire lover?  This is something you might try.
However, PLEASE, be careful.

Find a piece of soft wood lumber or a plain jewelry box.  Buy some
gunpowder and put it in a plastic bag.  If you can’t find gunpowder,
you can cut open some regular firecrackers and use the powder from in

Cut off a small piece of the bag’s corner and write or draw something
romantic on the wood as you would decorate a cake with a frosting bag,
making sure the letters are close enough so they will light each

Get a long match.  When you are ready to impress your sweetheart,
invite them outside (it is most impressive at night) and light the
gunpowder very carefully.  It will be a great show and the gunpowder
will burn a lasting memento for your love.

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