February 9, 2000

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FEBRUARY 9, 2000

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This is the last tip before Valentine’s Day. I hope you are prepared
for however you feel like you should be celebrating the day/weekend.
Valentine’s is a work season for me but fortunately I have plenty of
opportunity for romance all year long.

I’ll be in Los Angeles doing about 15 television interviews and will
be kicking off the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Love2K tour on Feb
14. If you are in the LA area, the festival is at the Citicorp Plaza
at 7th Marketplace. I’ll be making 11 other appearances around the
country and will conclude the tour in New York in mid-June. Details
are on the website.

If you’ve been thinking about sponsoring this e-zine, you better
hurry. Over HALF the ads for the next THREE MONTHS are sold out.

Have a sparkling week — Michael

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I T ‘ S T H E L I T T L E T H I N G S

Buy a mutual favorite childhood game (I like Don’t Spill the Beans and
Ants in Your Pants). Turn off the TV and play the game and relive
happy, childhood memories.

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Don’t forget that every subscriber to the Tip of the Week at the end
of March is eligible to win the trip for two to J A M A I C A (details
on my website).

Katie Sparrow of McMinnville, Oregon and Greg Jones of Dallas, Texas
were last week’s winners. Read their great Valentine’s ideas and many
others at http://theromantic.com/stories/holiday.htm

This week I’m giving away a signed copy of Men Made Easy by Kara Oh.
It is one of the best relationship books I’ve ever read. Both men and
women fill find it enlightening.

The theme of this week’s contest is CREATIVE DATES. Tell me about
a creative date you have planned or were a part of.

E-mail your idea (with mailing address if you want the prize mailed
to you) mailto:tipofweek@aol.com

Your e-mail needs to be received by Tuesday, February 15.

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by Michael Webb

If asked to describe what would be a typical romantic occasion, the
majority of people would probably give details of a full moon,
deserted beach, mountain chalet or other beautiful place where two
people could spend some time alone. It just shows how important the
atmosphere or ‘setting’ is to romance.

Likewise, many people have the opinion that they have to go away to
those sort of places in order to have a romantic evening or weekend.
That’s simply not practical most of the time. Since we spend more
time at home than anywhere else, it would reason that we might want to
make more of an effort in making our own homes more “romance

Does your home have a fireplace? How often do you use it? Most
fireplaces aren’t extremely efficient but they sure do look great.
People use fireplaces in their homes now for atmosphere – and not just
in the winter. You never know when you’ll need a romantic getaway so
always have some firewood around and pine cones on hand to throw in so
the fire has a lot of romantic “crackle.”

Is there a good supply of candles handy? Turn off the lights, light
the candles and presto! you have a romantic setting. Aladdin’s Genie
couldn’t have transformed the room any quicker. Also, you might want
to consider putting a dimmer on the lights in the dining room. For
less than $10 you can transform blinding lights into a soft romantic

Nothing creates a mood quite like music can. You can be in a taxi in
the middle of New York City and shut your eyes, put on some soothing
music and instantly it can take your blood pressure down a few
notches. So what is “romantic” music? How about a CD or tape of
thunder and rain? There are other nature sounds on tape like waves
crashing, birds singing, jungle noises and crickets chirping. They’re
a nice alternative to the traditional classical music we’re accustomed
to. Put one of those on and instantly the mood in the room will

Invest a little money into making your own home a romantic getaway.
It sure beats the expense of going away every weekend just to put a
little romance back into your life.
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