February 13, 2002

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February 13, 2002

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F R O M   T H E   E D I T O R

I have had several people email the last day or two begging for some ideas for Valentine’s Date and gift ideas. I’m sending this issue out a little early to let you know about my new book, 300 Creative Dates that I just released last night. It is instantly downloadable so you can have hundreds of ideas at your fingertips in time for some last minute Valentine’s ideas (and for the rest of the year too).

Check it out at http://theromantic.com/creativedates.htm

Have a romantic week. — Michael

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I T ‘ S    T H E    L I T T L E    T H I N G S

Watching the winter Olympics together with some hot chocolate and biscotti for two

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The weekly contest has returned. The average person spends $113 on Valentine’s Day. I’m sure my readers can be far more romantic with much less money. Tell me about the most romantic/creative gift you have given or received that cost less than $40. It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s related.

The winning idea will receive a free copy of my best-seller, The RoMANtic’s Guide as an ebook.

Send you stories by e:mailto:tipofweek@aol.com

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T I P   O F   T H E   W E E K

Editor’s note: A dozen red roses are way over-done for Valentine’s Day. Here are two ways to show that you actually put some thought into your flower purchase. And ladies, it is perfectly acceptable for you to send your guy flowers. — Michael

Better Than Twelve
by Julie Sullivan

My wonderful boyfriend of six months presents me with flowers every week. It started with beautiful tulips the first few times and now is mainly roses.

The roses are thoughtfully chosen — different color combinations each week wrapped beautifully with a matching silk ribbon.

A few months into our relationship, I was going through a difficult time in my life and my boyfriend had seven roses delivered to me at work. At first I didn’t get it — why seven?

One was the most beautiful lavender, a bright canary yellow, coral, red, champagne, pink and white. I thought they were beautiful and a nice change from all the usual red, all yellow, all pink, etc.

It wasn’t until I read the card that I completely understood. It read “You are the gold at the end of my rainbow.”

One In a Dozen
by Alexander Kelly

Take 11 long stem WHITE roses and place them in a vase. Please 1 RED long
stem rose in the middle of the white roses. It’s best to have a florist
handle the arrangement, as they tend to enhance the overall arrangement.
Attach a note (or card), which reads, “In my eyes, you’ve always stood out
from the crowd”

It’s a new twist, to the “trite” rose routine.


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