March 15, 2000

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MARCH 15, 2000

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+————– Need A Little Romantic Help? —————-+

In today’s hectic paced world, there’s not always a lot of time
to think of the little things that say “I love you.” Well, at
Sealed With a Kiss, we’ve taken care of this for you. From our
inexpensive 365 Days a Year reminders to lavish picnic baskets,
we can help your romance sizzle with thoughtfulness and love.

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I T ‘ S T H E L I T T L E T H I N G S

Referring to your wife as your beautiful bride — no matter how
long you’ve been married. The same goes for your handsome groom.

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Every subscriber to the Tip of the Week at the end of March is
eligible to win a trip for two to J A M A I C A (details on my

Dwayne C. of Alexandria, Virginia was the winner of last
week’s contest. His “Who Wants to Be a Valentine?” idea was
brilliant. I received hundreds of computer ideas and I’ve posted a
number of them on the site.

The contest for this week is NAMES IN SONGS. All you have to do is
provide me with a title of a song that includes your name or your
sweetheart’s name. I also need the recording artist or group.

The prize this week is a copy of the book, Eating Chocolates and
Dancing in the Kitchen by Tom Plummer. It’s a great book with
humorous sketches of married life from a man’s point of view.

E-mail your entry (with mailing address if you want the prize mailed
to you)

Your e-mail needs to be received by Monday, March 20.

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2 for 1 Romance
by Michael Webb

I am always trying to find new “dates” to keep our relationship fun
and exciting. Not only will this idea provide you with dozens of
unique places to have a date, it will also save you a lot of money.

Nearly every major and even minor city has some sort of discount book.
The Entertainment books, offering 2 for 1 specials for lunch, dinner
and other attractions are sold in nearly 100 cities around the world.
Other discount books are put together by local Chamber of Commerces or
civic groups as a fundraiser.

When I opened up my book, not only did I find dozens of new
restaurants I could try out with my wife, I discovered loads of other
interesting places to go.

There are two different discount books for our city of 200,000
residents. The one I purchased this year has discounts for the
planetarium, go-cart rides, paintball and laser tag games, miniature
golf, the zoo, life & science museums, train rides and other places
that would make for a wonderful weekend or evening date.

If you live in a smaller town, but would like to have a romantic
getaway to a nearby city one weekend, this book might just be your
ticket. Often there are coupons for symphonies, ballets, plays, laser
shows and musicals too. There is a section in many books that gives
half price rooms at hotels across the country.

A weekend in the big city might cost half as much as you thought while
being twice as romantic.

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