May 16, 2001

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T h e    R o M A N t i c   T I P    o f     t h e    W E E K

                        MAY 16, 2001

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I T ' S     T H E     L I T T L E    T H I N G S

Making hand cranked ice cream together. It's ok to
use an electric maker if you can't find a manual one.

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L O V E   Q U O T E

Don't threaten me with love, baby.  Let's just go walking in the rain.


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Cheri Murphy won last week's contest on FATHER'S DAY ideas.  Her
touching story is "Bangs and Bugs" and is on my website with the
others at:

This week's contest is another Scavenger Hunt.  So many of you seemed
to have a lot of fun the last time I did this.  Please answer the
following 4 questions.  All the answers are easily found on my
website.  The winner will receive a hardback copy of To Stand in Love
by Paddy S.  Welles.

1. How do you say "I love you" in Javanese?

2. How long is the longest recorded kiss?

3. Who wrote the poem "There is a Lady Sweet and Kind"?

4.  Which newspaper said this about my book, The RoMANtic's Guide -
"Chock full of ideas - from the clever to the silly - on how to turn
an everyday occurrence into a memorable moment"

Bonus question - if during your surfing you find a broken link, you
can report that in lieu of answering one of the above questions.  Tell
me the page where the link is located and what you were clicking on
that did not work.  If you report a dead link AND answer all 4
correctly, you will get two entries put into the hat.

Have fun.

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T I P    O F    T H E    W E E K

by Michael Webb

When people take trips to other countries, they typically bring back
some item that will remind them of their visit.  One of our most
romantic possessions comes from such a trip.

When Athena and I were traveling in Guatemala a few years ago we spent
a couple of hours in the local crafts market.  We aren't much into
"things" that simply gather dust on a bookshelf.  If we ever buy items
on our trips, it is usually something more practical in nature, not
just something to stare at.

There it was, a brightly colored, hand woven hammock.  It was quite
large, wide enough for the both of us to lay in comfortably (although,
we are snugglers so we tend to get very close to each other anyway).

When the weather is being supportive, Athena and I will go take a
little siesta in our Guatemalan hammock.  Sometimes we bring a glass
of lemonade (with flexible straws) and some cookies to snack on while
we lounge in our swinging mattress, sharing our joys and woes with
each other.  A radio adds some rhythm to swing with.

A hammock for two. What a terrific, romantic invention.

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