June 13, 2001

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T h e    R o M A N t i c   T I P    o f    t h e   W E E K

June 13, 2001

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F R O M     T H E     E D I T O R

For those who are celebrating Father’s Day this Sunday, I hope it is
wonderful day for you.

Have a merry week — Michael

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I T ‘ S     T H E     L I T T L E    T H I N G S

Spending an afternoon or evening in an art gallery and pretending you
are professional art reviewers.  Give each other a critique of several
of the pieces.

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Timeless Message

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L O V E   Q U O T E

The only abnormality is the incapacity to love


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Gary Lynn Corker from Sao Paulo, Brazil won last week’s contest on
using his spiritual faith to express his love.  He came up with a
really creative idea.  You can read Gary’s “Paper-Chained Melody”
story and others at:http://theromantic.com/stories/faith/main.htm

This week’s contest is on WEDDING GIFTS FOR YOUR SOUSE TO BE.  When
getting married, the bride and groom often exchange gifts.  Did you
give or exchange something that was unusual or highly creative?

The winning idea will receive a new copy of A Guide to the Manners,
Etiquette, and Deportment of the Most Refined Society.  This book was
originally published in 1879 and makes for really great conversation.

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T I P    O F    T H E    W E E K

by Michael Webb

It was on Thursday that Athena told me “I have something special
planned for us this Saturday.”  My mind started racing.  What could it
be?  I was excited for the rest of the week to find out what she had
in store.

After breakfast on Saturday we hopped into the car and she drove
Ashton (our 1 year old) and me across town.  She wasn’t going to any
of the places I thought out in my mind.  We ended up in one of the
many parks that our region is famous for.

When we got out of the car she opened the trunk and I could see that
she had packed a backpack when I wasn’t looking.  Then she handed me a
“clue.”  It was a compass.  I quickly figured out that we were going
orienteering.  I had mentioned a long time ago that I heard they had
orienteering competitions in the area and I thought it would be fun.

The county park puts on a short orienteering (where you find your way
from one point to another using maps and/or compasses) class once a
month followed by a course you actually take.  In the course we
selected, there were 7 labeled posts scattered throughout the woods
and a map that guided us to each one.  The goal was the find each
marker and return back before all the other teams.  The cost was only
$4 for all three of us to participate.

Athena had packed bottled water, snack bars, trail mix and other
goodies in our bag.  We had a really great time working together as a
team reading the map and searching for the not-so-easy-to-find
markers.  Even with Ashton strapped to my back (he loved it) we came
in first place.  Next time we’ll try the more advanced course.

Find out what programs your country and state parks offer.  You might
be surprised.

If you want some ideas of other inexpensive dates, check out the
suggestions at:http://theromantic.com/stories/cheapdates/main.htm


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